Farm History

Maple Shade Farm was settled in 1785 by Daniel Frisbee, son of Judge Gideon Frisbee. Gideon Frisbee was one of the early pioneers of Delaware County. Daniel purchased the 200-acre timber lot that is Maple Shade farm today. The land tract was across the river from the home Frisbee Farm now a museum cared for by the Delaware County Historical Society. Daniel Frisbee was born in New Canaan in Columbia County on January 24th, 1781 before moving to Delaware County with his family. Daniel built a log cabin and began clearing the land. Daniel married Ruth Beardsley and they raised their twelve children on the farm.

The youngest of the Daniel Frisbee clan Edward born on January 15th, 1829 took over Maple Shade Farm. Edward was known as one of the finest farmers in the region and built many of the outbuildings that stand today. Edward married Rosella Graham and they raised two children on the farm Willard born April 9th, 1856 and Esther born March 19th, 1859.

Willard Frisbee purchased the property from his father Edward in 1891. Willard was also known as a fine farmer and teacher in the region. Willard married Minnie Hoag and raised five children on the farm.