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    Meet Abby & Jay



    “We know a little bit about love stories. Maybe that’s why we connect with our couples and this business so deeply.”


    – Abby & Jay Wilson, Owners


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    Our First Wedding


    If you ever wonder if things were meant to be. This photo is Abby and Jay next to each other in their kindergarten class photo.


    In fact, this couple participated in their first wedding on the elementary school playground when the kids played wedding. Abby was the wedding planner. The rest is history.

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    Love Story Stats



    • Abby & Jay have been married for 25 years.
    • They are the proud parents of three children
    • Friends since elementary school
    • Started dating after college.
    • Got married in 1998
    • Lived in four different states.
    • Settled back in our hometown in 2007 to raise our family and open up our farm to help married couples make their dreams come true.


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