5 Details to Create a Truly Unique & Rustic Vibe at Your Catskills Barn Wedding.

by Jay & Abby Wilson at Maple Shade 1785


Korver Photography

Life is busy. Planning a wedding can be overwhelming and you're wanting to create a fun, rustic, and classy Catskills wedding, yet the idea of creating a dynamic and eclectic stage for this special day, is well, daunting. You have the venue to find, the photographer to interview and to think about lodging for your guests. It certainly helps to be able to step into a turn-key barn location that is well versed in creating magical Upstate New York weddings every year in the Catskill Mountains. 

In all of the years Maple Shade 1785 has hosted weddings and events in Delhi, NY, we've discovered a few tricks in making the day a movie set of telling your love story and planning easy.


1. Blending Vintage Charm with Modern Energy

Two roads diverged into one…and you’re better for it! Ok, maybe that sounds cliché but we believe it. Your day will be beautiful because it's your special day.   

Create little spaces that feel like a time capsule. In and of themselves these spaces are very vibey, but add warmth and soul for the incredible humans you are hosting on that day. Personalize spaces with some of your hobbies, interests, and history in a throwback way to honor where we’ve all come from and where you are going.   

Go from generic to eclectic.

Korver Photography


2. Incorporating Items That Are Grounding

Love lasts forever, as a couple, as family, and as friends, and this is a big day encapsulating that love. Wedding favors your guests can take home that feel grounding and beautiful are a game changer.

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Who isn't a sucker for succulents? Tiny potted plants that will continue growing are a beautiful metaphor for any relationship. We also recommend local flavor favors like jams, jellies, syrup and honey. Oh, and polaroid’s!


3. A Glam & Cozy Dinner Table

Walking into a space that looks like it stepped out of a storybook or Old Hollywood is almost as important as what the bride and groom are wearing.

Who doesn't love a good wow factor? Notice the mason jars next to those gorgeous wine glasses. It inspires the sense of being comfortable, yet special and provides interest. 

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4. Inviting Opportunity for Many Magic Moments.

You want the whole day to run smoothly. Having spaces people naturally gravitate toward can bring that sense of peace amidst the excitement. Couches, benches, and display tables are great for providing this feel.

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5. Start with a Venue that Captures Your Heart

And lastly, one of the biggest pieces to the puzzle that make your day spectacular is location, location, location. Choosing a destination that becomes the backdrop to all of this memory making is extremely important. Natural textures and nature are a must.

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We hope you never lose that sense of wonder.

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The photos in this post were taken by the incredible Korver Photography team here in the beautiful Catskill Mountains of Delhi, NY. 

Maple Shade 1785 is an award-winning and idyllic wedding venue in Upstate NY at the historic Maple Shade Farm. The stewards and hosts of this farm and these events are Jay & Abby Wilson, who know a thing or two about love stories.


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