Eloping to Upstate NY Isn't Just About Escaping Drama.

by Jay & Abby Wilson at Maple Shade 1785


Korver Photography

Eloping has evolved over time...from to leap, run away for a scandalous reason, maybe even to avoid family drama. The sentiment "Let's run away together" has threaded itself through countless books and movies because it pricks that place in our own heart that feels too sacred to share. Caught up in a feeling you just don't want to wait for.

But we're here to tell you, the times they are-a-changing, and elopements don't mean what they used to anymore.

Korver Photography

Maybe you have a secret board on Pinterest where you've had this growing idea. "How could we ever pull this off," or "Is it the right thing to do," could be questions swirling in your mind from pulling the trigger on what old timers might call a shotgun wedding. Listen, no one can make the decision for you (even though they'd probably like to), but we can give you our perspective on why this is a special idea.

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Taylor swift's surprise album Folklore set crazy records. Billions of people listened to it and related to it because it so beautifully captured the feeling of intimacy. And when it was shortly followed up by its sister album Evermore, we all felt that "Let's run away together."

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Why are we bringing up TS? 

Because after all that's been going on in the world, people are ready to say "Yes" to deep and personal connection. Even if that means running away to the mountains for a quiet space for an important life moment. Or, maybe better put, a safe space for your soul to breathe and be excited.

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Let's give you some food for thought when considering an elopement... 

It's just the two of you...intimate and personal. Saying your vows to each other in truly a moment just for you in a breathtaking setting. A meal with a personal chef, local libations, and a serenade under the stars or shade of a tree. Not a soul in the world to interrupt the fairytale. There's no one to please, it's detailed and enchanting.

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It's a quiet week day or week night and not a hectic Saturday. It's a getaway up into the Catskill Mountains where there's no stress, oh, and you happened to get married!

It gives you the opportunity for someone else to throw you a party. It takes the pressure off of you.

"We simply couldn't wait."

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Sometimes, life and relationships are challenging, which can make wedding planning not so fun. Eloping can cut through all of that and keep the peace for your big day. 

Wedding costs would suddenly turn to an epic photographer, farm-to-table handpicked meal and adventure. Elopements, really, are vacation getaways for a very exciting moment in your life. It's memory-making, calm, and intimate.

As Taylor Swift so beautifully said, "

One single thread of gold tied me to you." -Taylor Swift

The photos in this post were taken by the incredible Valeria Duque Foto here in the beautiful Catskill Mountains of Delhi, NY. 

Maple Shade 1785 is an award-winning and idyllic wedding venue in Upstate NY at the historic Maple Shade Farm. The stewards and hosts of this farm and these events are Jay & Abby Wilson, who know a thing or two about love stories.


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