Micro Barn Wedding

by Jay & Abby Wilson at Maple Shade 1785


Hallie Sigwing Photography

Micro Wedding: Less Lets You Do More

Whitney Nichols

When we say "Less is More" we mean the guest list. Keeping your closest people closest to you for this magical and wonderful time will draw out the best of everything. Creativity has more bandwidth and so does your dollar.

Every wedding deserves personalization and the fun, special things that speak of you as a couple, but the truth is, the bigger the wedding, the more you have to "stretch the icing" to make it go farther. Hey, big is fun! The bigger the better! But bigger and better can be pointed in a different direction than in the past. 

Instead of making everybody happy, a micro wedding gives you the beautiful opportunity for a day full of special moments, instead of feeling like you're "stealing them" when the day is consumed with a lot of people.

We've seen a lot of weddings where it feels a lot like running through the day. A micro wedding, minimony, intimate wedding... Whatever you want to call it, it's a slow down in the best way. It allows you to be able to reach your arms around the people and keepsakes that will get you through the rest of your journey as a couple. 

So what is a Micro Wedding by definition?

According to TheKnot.com, it's 50 guets or less. It's a smaller guest list with a bigger budget. It's an opportunity to splurge on something extremely meaningful, ie a dream dress, fine dining, an extravagant flower arch, a high end photographer, etc.

A barn wedding is a fun rain-or-shine venue that captures the excitement and uniqueness of an intimate gathering that celebrates the heart of the two of you.

The photos in this post were taken by the incredible Whitney Nichols here in the beautiful Catskill Mountains of Delhi, NY. 

Maple Shade 1785 is an award-winning and idyllic wedding venue in Upstate NY at the historic Maple Shade Farm. The stewards and hosts of this farm and these events are Jay & Abby Wilson, who know a thing or two about love stories.



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