From Vows to Views: Unveiling the Spectacular Backdrops of Our Catskills Wedding Venue

In the journey from vows to views, every step is a celebration at Maple Shade Farm. Nestled in the heart of Delhi New York, our venue is not just a space for your special day; it's a canvas that transforms your wedding into an immersive experience surrounded by nature's breathtaking spectacle. It's a Catskills wedding venue at it's finest!


Catskills Wedding Celebration Estate Venue

As you exchange vows, imagine a backdrop that rivals your love story's intensity. Our outdoor ceremony spaces are carefully designed to seamlessly blend with the natural surroundings. The Maple Shade Farm property offers a historic barn, a large pond, an apple orchard, and fields surrounded by lush greenery in the summer and incredible foliage in the fall. You are encouraged to walk the estate to determine which backdrop is the perfect place for you! Below, we will breakdown each space:


The Historic Barn

Catskills Barn Wedding Celebration

The iconic yellow barn is stunning both inside and out and is an enchanting backdrop for your wedding. The barn, built in the 1800s, wraps you in hand-hewn beams and warm lighting giving your vision center stage. Entertain your guests with spacious areas for dancing, sit-down dinners, buffets, or stations. A custom blue stone bar and cozy seating areas allow your guests to mingle between dessert and dancing. This is our rainy day space which is equally as stunning as the surrounding scenery.


The Gorgeous Pond

Catskills Pond Wedding Venue Estate

The pond at Maple Shade Farm is a serene centerpiece surrounded by lush greenery, offering a tranquil escape for guests. Its shimmering waters reflect the beauty of the surrounding landscape, creating a picturesque setting for your wedding. Surrounded by nature's tranquility, the pond provides a serene backdrop for capturing cherished memories.


The Apple Orchard

Apple Orchard Catskills Wedding Ceremony Estate

The heirloom apple orchard at our Catskills Wedding Venue is a cozy row of apple trees that offers blossoms, shade or charming backdrop to your wedding ceremony, photos or welcome reception. The orchard is just one of the historic and hygge spaces on the farm.


The Fields

Field Catskills Wedding Venue

The fields at Maple Shade Farm are expansive and vibrant, stretching out under the open sky. Dotted with wildflowers and tall grasses, they offer a picturesque backdrop for wedding ceremonies and wedding photography. Guests can stroll through the fields, taking in the natural beauty and tranquil ambiance of the countryside.


At Maple Shade Farm, we understand that the transition from vows to views is a pivotal moment in your love story. It's not just about choosing a venue; it's about selecting a stage where your journey unfolds against the awe-inspiring backdrop of nature. Come, explore the seamless blend of romance and scenery that makes Maple Shade Farm the perfect canvas for your love story. Reach out today!