Mission Possible! Attending weddings this summer while planning your own?

Use the invite to your advantage! Look for things you want and DON'T want at your own wedding. Observe with a kind heart and blissful enjoyment. Try the signature drinks, dessert bar and enjoy the fun activities all while spying for your big day.

This is your mission if you choose to accept it. Things to look for while attending weddings...

  1. Location: Observe different types of wedding venues, such as outdoor gardens, ballrooms, or beachfront locations. Pay attention to the layout, ambiance, and overall atmosphere to determine what appeals to you and aligns with your vision.
  2. Decorations: Take note of the wedding decor, including centerpieces, floral arrangements, lighting, and signage. Consider the color schemes, styles, and themes that catch your eye, and think about how they could translate to your own wedding.
  3. Ceremony Details: Observe the flow and structure of the wedding ceremony. Pay attention to different traditions, rituals, or personalized touches that resonate with you and reflect your values and beliefs.
  4. Dress to Impress: Notice the couple's attire, as well as the bridal party's outfits. Observe different styles, fabrics, colors, and accessories to help you envision what you'd like to wear on your own wedding day. Are they cool but uncomfortable? Do they fit the vibe? Last without major "alterations" or did folks change as the reception went on. Shoes matter...keep an eye on the foot traffic too!
  5. Eat, Drink & Take note of the catering options from the presentation of food and drinks to the type of food, beverage and, the style of service (buffet, plated, or family-style). Did the donuts steal the show? Signature drinks? Or was the late-night food truck clutch?
  6. Entertainment Arrangement: Live bands, ceremony ensemble or DJ? Consider the energy and vibe they bring to the event and think about how it aligns with your vision.
  7. Photography and Videography: Observe the work of the wedding photographers and videographers present at the event. Are they center stage or blending in, capturing the moments and the couple or just portrait shooting the couple. Check them out on social media and see If you like their work.
  8. Guest Experience: Take note of the guest experience, including the seating arrangements, signage, and any interactive elements. Consider how the couple incorporated personal touches to make their guests feel welcome and engaged. Kids or no kids?
  9. Timeline and Logistics: Observe how the event flows, from the ceremony to the reception. Pay attention to the timing of different activities, such as speeches, dances, and cake cutting, as well as any unique or creative elements that make the event memorable...or things that clog up the fun or flow.
  10. Overall Atmosphere: Take note of the overall vibe and atmosphere of the wedding. Consider the mood, the level of formality or informality, and how the couple's personality and style are reflected in the event. This will help you be mindful of what you want to focus on for planning, budget and preparation. Can you put it into a few words...what would sum up your dream day?

Remember, while attending weddings can provide inspiration, keep it cool and don't knock over the cake getting a close up for your spy notebook. Enjoy the event knowing your friends made their decisions because it was important to them it's their day. Imitation is the best form of flattery so take the best ideas but go your own way too. There is no such thing as the same wedding because you will always add in your own spin big or small.

Happy Spying!