Wedding Planning Pressure to Priorities

Your wedding wishes shape your budget get real with your priorities and stop people pleasing


Feeling the Pressure?

Planning a wedding is a pressure cooker…so many decisions, so much advice, so many ideas buzzing in your head…it’s hard to know where to start.

Start with your heart…what have you been dreaming about? What is your priority as a couple? Forget about pleasing everyone it will never happen. But if you’re happy those who love you will be happy too. So that’s where you start with planning…YOUR priority…if its live music?... find the right jazzy group and book them, location? Pinpoint the quaint area or big city you want… find the dreamy venue and book it, food, food, food…book the caterer that makes the menu pop!

 We like to tell couples to make a list of priorities and work your way from top to bottom so you get your most important items checked off your list first. This gives you focus and a realistic picture of what a budget may shape up like while still getting what you want most.

There are some considerations in various locations or choices that impact others…dates have to align between vendor availabilities so you may have to be flexible with your date if you want that band and that venue. Maybe those fabulous flowers you want everywhere from arbor to head table are only seasonally available then you have to work around it or not. That’s the beauty YOU are deciding what really is a priority by making the list and following up on the key pieces it brings to your vision. Signature drinks and a beer and wine bar sip just as well as a full bar…again depending on your priorities. In our experience… a personalized and specially planned day will wow guests because of the intention and thoughtfulness of your choices not the same old same old event because it’s on someone else’s list.

Everyone has different priorities but every couple wants to have a beautiful, fun and fabulous day…just make it your way and it will be the happiest day for you both. Your family, friends, and guests will follow suit knowing it was your heart’s desire.